You are one small step from start making calls in the lowest rate and best quality.

Open IntelCall Account here , Log-in to your account and make a payment (minimum payment only 5$) here to credit your account. You can use PayPal, Credit Card, CashU, Ukash.

Once your account is credit you can start making calls.
There are 3 ways to make the call

From your computer

You can download our VOIP soft phone to make cheap international calls from your computer. Simply click the download link and save the installation file to your computer! After downloading, double click the installer file and you are set to go! Remember, it's free!
Use your Username and Password to log in to the Soft Phone. 

From your SmartPhone

You can use "YourDialer" application to make cheap international calls on your mobile phone.Simply click the link below the operating system of your choice and install the "YourDialer" app on a mobile phone!
You can also directly lookup 'YourDialer' on the Iphone App Store or Google Play for Android.

 android  iPhone  Symbian

Android phone/tablet


Symbian/Nokia phone

Use your Username and Password to log in to YourDialer. 

From any Landline/Normal phone

In some countries we offer you a local landline number which allows you to make calls via this account through a normal phone. With this service you don’t need a computer to use this account.

How does it work?
From any phone, call the access number (you will be charged by your operator at the price of a call to a landline). you will have to putt your Pin Code and then you will hear a message asking you to enter the number of the person you wish to contact and then press the # (the call to this number will be charged to this account).